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Kelvin Beachum, Jr. ’10, ’12 honored as Arizona Cardinal’s Walter Peyton Man of the Year

During his 10-year pro football career, Kelvin Beachum, Jr. ’10, ’12 has always put into practice his parents’ lessons on giving back. Honored by his team for his commitment to service, Beachum is among 32 players nominated for the NFL’s Man of the Year.

SMU alumnus Kelvin Beachum ’10, ’12 is a decade into his NFL career, including the last two seasons with the Cardinals. But in those 10 years, Beachum has never failed to put into motion his parents’ lessons of giving back. He was named the Cardinals’ Walter Payton Man of the Year and is now among 32 players vying to become the NFL’s Man of the Year. But such an honor is merely a detail in a life built on such service.
The oldest of four siblings in Mexia, Texas, Beachum grew up in a family hovering around the national poverty level.
His father, Kelvin Beachum, Sr., worked on cars for a living. His mother, Culetta, worked for Mexia State School in Limestone County.
The family didn’t have a lot of money, but Kelvin Jr. never knew their situation since his parents shielded him from that reality. More importantly, Beachum’s parents – even if they had to struggle financially – made sure their children understood the importance of helping others.
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