July 30, 2021

Take a look at the new SMU logo. It’s the result of a community collaboration to create a new logo that reflects who we are – a bold, vibrant University leaning into the future.

While the University’s logo has been redesigned periodically throughout its history, this was not a change made hastily. The endeavor began in 2019 with the Bright marketing agency in parallel with our efforts for the launch of SMU’s third comprehensive fundraising campaign this fall. In addition to interviews with key leaders and influencers in the SMU community, Bright surveyed more than 32,000 alumni, faculty, staff and students about the logo.

Their research revealed that the letters “SMU” had the highest recognition level in any form. Another important determination was the desire for a logo that conveyed both research and teaching excellence and our great campus experience. Research also indicated the need for a logo that worked well in today’s marketing environment.

We incorporated those findings into this new logo that strikes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles. It’s also intentionally flexible to work in both academic and athletic contexts. The new logo works great at any size, making SMU recognizable in the digital environment and across all other media channels.

University leadership is extremely enthusiastic about this new direction, and we hope you are, too, as you see it roll out everywhere in the coming months.