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Maps for Time Travelers wins prestigious award

Anthropology Professor Mark McCoy’s award-winning book fuses fiction with fact in a time-bending exploration of technology’s impact on the study of the ancient world.

Geospatial archaeology expert Mark McCoy fuses fiction with fact in explaining how technology is revolutionizing the way archaeologists study and reconstruct the distant past. From satellite imagery to 3D modeling, today’s technological advances enable archaeologists to answer questions about human history that could previously only be imagined. As archaeologists create a better and more complete picture of the past, they sometimes find that truth is stranger than fiction.
McCoy, an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology in Dedman College and Humanities and Sciences, received the 2021 Popular Book Award by the Society for American Archaeology, which called his approach “creative and original” and a “first of its kind” explanation of a revolution in archaeology born out of technology like digital mapping, laser scanning and remote sensing. Brian Fagan, author or editor of more than 40 books on archaeology, also hailed the book as “lucid, entertaining, and highly informed in the art and science of geospatial archaeology” and “a brilliant introduction to the frontiers of archaeology.”
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