2021 March 2021 News

The business of improving patient care

Research by the Cox School of Business’ Vishal Ahuja uses data analytics to predict and address health issues in patients with diabetes, especially veterans, before they land in the hospital.

Vishal Ahuja is on a mission to reduce spending by applying business practices, grounded in operations management and analytics principles, to the health care world.
An assistant professor of information technology and operations management at SMU Cox and an adjunct professor of clinical sciences at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Ahuja leans on his years of experience in the corporate world to apply principles of operations management and data analytics to local healthcare data and improve patient outcomes and efficiency of care.
Ahuja works with health care providers to gain access to patient data and uses algorithms to predict outcomes and prevent negative ones. His research focuses on patients with diabetes, especially veterans, who suffer disproportionately from this disease. Addressing diseases before patients land in the hospital can significantly reduce healthcare spending.
Read more at Cox School.

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