September 30, 2019

For Ian Perkins-Smith ’20, music has always been a part of life. After taking piano lessons in elementary school, he joined the band in sixth grade and took up the saxophone. He stayed with the band all through high school and advanced to the role of drum major. Now an SMU senior, he’s repeating that success as drum major of the Mustang Band.

“When I first got on campus — I moved in early because I was in band — but I think because of that, I really gained my first family on campus,” Ian says. “That was big for me because it held me together here my first year. It was pretty awesome. I love that community that I get from it.”

For those who love music and want the community that it provides, Ian recommends joining the Mustang Band.

“Try out, even if you’re unsure, because it’s a great experience to have,” Ian said. “It’s a community like no other.”

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