March 2, 2019

Professor Barbara Minsker has been honored by the American Society of Civil Engineers with the 2019 Margaret S. Petersen Award for her technical accomplishments, leadership and commitment to mentoring women pursuing engineering careers.

Minsker serves as chair of the civil and environmental engineering department in SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering.

She is the author of two acclaimed books: The Joyful Professor: How to Shift from Surviving to Thriving in the Faculty Life (2010) and Discovering the Path of Success and Happiness: Mindful Living with Purpose and Resiliency (2014). From her books, she developed a popular leadership course focused on navigating through conflict and uncertainty that has drawn students from across the SMU campus.

Since the late 1990s, Minsker has successfully advised and mentored 17 Ph.D. students and 24 master’s students. She also leads research to develop innovative systems approaches to improve the sustainability and resilience of human and natural systems.

The award honors Margaret S. Petersen, a pioneer in hydraulics and water resources engineering and recognizes a female member of ASCE or the Environmental & Waters Resources Institute, a specialty organization within ASCE, who has demonstrated exemplary service to the water resources and environmental science and engineering community.

Minsker was previously awarded the ASCE’s Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize in 2003 and EWRI’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2005.