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Like grandfather, like grandson

Scholarship and fellowship support from SMU made Arya McCarthy’s wide-ranging research possible. The recent graduate credits his late grandfather, John McCarthy, who taught biology and studied endocrine physiology at SMU for more than 40 years, with inspiring his thirst for discovery.

Graduating senior Arya McCarthy has been a frequent presence on SMU’s campus practically since the day he could walk.
As a child, he would stroll across verdant lawns, his tiny hand held firmly in his grandfather’s gentle one, as his grandpa, John McCarthy, checked his mail.John McCarthy was a biology professor at SMU, where he taught Mustangs and researched endocrine physiology from the 1950s up to his retirement in 1999.
Neither knew then just how grand a role SMU would play in Arya’s life.
Fast forward to the summer of 2016. Arya was a President’s Scholar at SMU, three years into his pursuit of bachelor’s degrees in both math and computer science, and a master of computer science. With the presidential race well underway, people were describing the American electorate as being more partisan than ever, and Arya wanted to know: Was it?
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