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Mustang Ingenuity: Julene Fleurmond/Young Dreamer Enterprises

Julene Fleurmond, Young Dreamer Enterprises

When Oprah Winfrey took her show on the road in December, journalism graduate Julene Fleurmond ’09 was among the “Ultimate Viewers” treated to a trip to Australia.

When producers were searching for people inspired by Winfrey for the audience of the show’s final-season premiere, Fleurmond caught their attention. Her organization, Young Dreamer Enterprises, and website advance creativity and entrepreneurship in young people through online activities, inspirational posts and videos.
“Seeing Oprah in person was a surreal experience and reinforced my belief that by pursuing your passion and purpose, your dreams can come true,” says Fleurmond, who is now working toward a Master’s in public health at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.
While an SMU undergraduate, Fleurmond received a Big iDeas grant for her website. Sponsored by SMU’s Office of the Provost, the Big iDeas program funds selected undergraduate research proposals aimed at addressing issues that confront major metropolitan areas like Dallas.
“Having recognition and support from a program like Big iDeas encourages you to make your idea bigger,” she says.

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