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Hamon staff appointment to Dallas Historical Society Board

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Sam Ratcliffe, Head of Bywaters Special Collections, who was recently appointed to the board of trustees of the Dallas Historical Society. A long-standing non-profit organization, since 1922, the Society has, according to its mission, sought to collect, preserve, and exhibit collections relevant to the heritage of the city. Dr….Continue Reading Hamon staff appointment to Dallas Historical Society Board

Pioneers of African-American Cinema

Kino Lorber recently released Pioneers of African-American Cinema, a five DVD set with extensive film notes.  An announcement of the collection’s release appeared in The New York Times (August 10, 2016), in which the film critic, J. Hoberman, stated that “there has never been a more significant video release” in cinema history.  This set includes…Continue Reading Pioneers of African-American Cinema

Collection Spotlight: Davis-Xander-Baker collection

The Davis-Xander-Baker Collection consists of materials from Clark M. Davis, Mrs. Tacie L. Davis, Carl Xander and Jack Baker relating to theater and film, primarily in Washington D.C. The collection includes artwork, clippings, correspondence, documents, ephemera, manuscripts, musical score, programs, publicity, published works, scripts and photographs. The Davis-Xander-Baker collection includes a wide variety of materials…Continue Reading Collection Spotlight: Davis-Xander-Baker collection

Collection Spotlight: Perry Nichols art work and papers

Perry Nichols (1911 – 1992), a Dallas native, was initially associated with the Texas regionalist artists of the 1930s and 1940s, and was also multitalented in many areas of art. Taught by local Dallas artists, Nichols entered the art world at an early age and worked in various art mediums throughout his life, including painting,…Continue Reading Collection Spotlight: Perry Nichols art work and papers

Collection Spotlight: Maria Ascarra papers

Maria Ascarra was an actress who performed in multiple productions around the United States. The principal material in this collection was collected during her prime performing years in New York City and elsewhere. The collection includes clippings, correspondence, ephemera, documents, programs, publicity, published works, scripts and 3 dimensional objects (primarily theatre props) relating to theatre,…Continue Reading Collection Spotlight: Maria Ascarra papers

Collection Spotlight: Mary Frances Doyle art work and papers

Mary Doyle (1904 – 2000), a Texas native, devoted her adult life to the art education of Dallas children and to the printmaking profession. She participated in many of the exhibitions organized by the women’s printmaking group the Texas Printmakers, formerly the Printmakers Guild, and remained active in art education organizations and other art groups:…Continue Reading Collection Spotlight: Mary Frances Doyle art work and papers

Remembering Blackie Sherrod

Bill Millsaps of the Richmond Times-Dispatch once commented on Texas sportswriter Blackie Sherrod’s writing abilities by saying that, “John Kennedy once said Winston Churchill marshaled the English language and sent it into battle. Blackie invited the English language up on the porch, gave it some four-alarm chili and a Dr. Pepper, and sent it out…Continue Reading Remembering Blackie Sherrod

Collection Spotlight: Greer Garson Collection

Jake Hamon, Greer Garson, and Nancy Hamon.

Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson (1904 – 1996) was one of the most honored actresses in the history of film, receiving seven nominations from the Motion Picture Academy for “Best Actress” (six in the 1940s) and winning the award in 1942. This collection includes correspondence, photographs, slides, film and theater scripts, newspaper and magazine articles, and…Continue Reading Collection Spotlight: Greer Garson Collection

Janet Turner: Texas Printmaker

The current exhibition at Meadows Museum at SMU, Process and Innovation: Carlotta Corpron and Janet Turner, is a welcome reminder of earlier showings of Janet Turner’s prints in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas.  Don’t miss Turner’s remarkable prints now on loan from Hamon’s Bywaters Special Collections, along with other private lenders, including Jack and Beverly Wilgus -donors who have…Continue Reading Janet Turner: Texas Printmaker