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Lusitania and Mauretania Photos

CUL Digital Collections has recently uploaded two photograph albums of the Lusitania and Mauretania passenger ships, held by Southern Methodist University’s DeGolyer Library. Photos of the Lusitania are part of the Photographs of Q.S.T.S. “Lusitania”. This album contains 59 photographs of exterior and interior views of the Cunard Steamship Company ship, R.M.S. Lusitania. The Lusitania, the…Continue Reading Lusitania and Mauretania Photos

CUL Digital Collections: July 2011

A record 5,700 items were uploaded in July. A major portion of the items were 70 sketchbooks comprising 4,604 pages that were added to the Otis Dozier Sketchbooks collection. All 130 sketchbooks have now been cataloged and uploaded. This collection is a cooperative project with the Dallas Museum of Art. Below are some highlights from…Continue Reading CUL Digital Collections: July 2011

CUL Digital Collections: June 2011

CONTENTdm Collections   We added 621 items into our CONTENTdm collections in June. CUL now has 12,462 published items. Below are some highlights from April: – 20 Texas currency notes in John N. Rowe III Collection of Texas Currency – DeForrest Judd’s Mexico Sketchbook (37 pages) and Caddo Sketchbook (92 pages) in Texas Artists: Paintings,…Continue Reading CUL Digital Collections: June 2011

More photos from Robert Yarnall Richie

Robert Yarnall Richie was a corporate industrial photographer, whose main body of work spans the 1930s-1970s. We are constantly amazed by the ingenuity of his photography. We are adding many more items to the Robert Yarnall Richie Photographs digital collection. The latest uploads include a series of negatives for S.K.F. Bearing, a wonderful photo of…Continue Reading More photos from Robert Yarnall Richie

New Postcards of American Indians

There are many photos of American Indians in CUL Digital Collections. We recently added 9 postcards of American Indians, including three of Quanah Parker, into the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs. Quanah Parker was a well-known Comanche chief, whose Caucasian mother was captured at a young age and raised by the tribe. CUL Digital…Continue Reading New Postcards of American Indians

New photo of Jesse Owens

Most of the time, we know precisely what is in each collection of photographs. Sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised. The Robert Yarnall Richie photograph collection never fails us, in this regard. Robert Yarnall Richie (1908-1984) worked as a free-lance commercial and industrial photographer for many large corporations including those in the automobile, aviation, chemical, mining,…Continue Reading New photo of Jesse Owens

VE Day Images

Today is the 66th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), which marks the end of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. SMU’s Central University Libraries (CUL) has three collections pertaining to World War II: – Melvin C.  Shaffer World War II Photographs; – Frank J. Davis World War II Photographs; and –…Continue Reading VE Day Images