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Ebby’s Thanksgiving Wish

Texas didn’t make Thanksgiving an official holiday until 1848. But in 1961, the Lone Star State became a special place in the holiday’s history, as home to the world’s only Thanksgiving shrine, known as Thanks-Giving Square. Today, Thanks-Giving Square is a unique, interfaith, multicultural site and research center on a 3.5-acre site in the heart…Continue Reading Ebby’s Thanksgiving Wish

Ebby Halliday Sings

Ebby with ukulele FWST

Almost as famous as Ebby Halliday was Ebby Halliday’s ukulele. Whether she was the recipient of an award or welcoming a new class of real estate agents to Ebby Halliday, Inc., Ebby channeled charm and humor through her ukulele. She had a penchant for changing lyrics to well known songs to suit her topic and…Continue Reading Ebby Halliday Sings

Texas League: we knew them when…

Lance McCullers

                        Baseball fans have waited all season to see who will battle for the World Series championship. The formidable Houston Astros swept the Yankees and now they are looking to beat the wildcard Philadelphia Phillies. Many of these players began their career in the…Continue Reading Texas League: we knew them when…

One foot in front of the other…

Pink ribbon pin

  Forty years ago, one sister made a promise to another, that she would end the silence around breast cancer; raise money for research; and to one day cure breast cancer for good. This was what Nancy Brinker promised to her sister Susan Goodman Komen who died of breast cancer in 1980. In 1982, Nancy had…Continue Reading One foot in front of the other…

The Only Woman in the Room

Ebby group, Great Falls Tribune

What one thing is not like the others? Could it be the only woman in the room? This portrait was published in the Great Falls Tribune “Montana’s Best News Gatherer” on September 23, 1957. It was taken at the pre-convention barbeque mixer for the 10th Annual convention of the Montana Association of Realtors. Dallas real…Continue Reading The Only Woman in the Room

There’s a Doctor in the House…

Anita Nanez Martinez was born in Dallas, Texas on December 8, 1925, the fifth of six children born to Jose and Anita Nanez. She lived in the Dallas neighborhood known as “Little Mexico”. From her early childhood, Martinez demonstrated a passion for community advocacy and volunteerism. At the age of 14, she led her first…Continue Reading There’s a Doctor in the House…

Miniature books

  Summer is a good time for library housekeeping projects due to the short downtime between busy semester schedules. In August the Broadside File Box location and Miniature books were rehoused in uniform boxes and relocated to another part of the library. At the DeGolyer Library, miniature books are 10 cm and smaller. Early miniatures…Continue Reading Miniature books

News from the DeGolyer-July 2022

Each month, DeGolyer Library shares updates and collection highlights via a month newsletter. You can read the latest edition here: July 2022 Want our updates delivered to your inbox? Click here to sign up to stay in touch! Past Issues: June 2022 May 2022 April 2022 March 2022 February 2022 January 2022 December 2021 November 2021…Continue Reading News from the DeGolyer-July 2022