Maximize Your Research Impact: Deposit Your Data in the SMU Dataverse Repository

In the dynamic landscape of research, data sharing and preservation are crucial. SMU Libraries has partnered with the Texas Data Repository (TDR) to offer the SMU Dataverse Repository, a reliable and accessible platform to deposit your valuable data.

Dr. Kathleen Smits, chair of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, the first at SMU to start using the platform, shares her experience with TDR: “[It] is essential for meeting federal and in many cases, peer-reviewed journal data sharing requirements. From what I’ve used at other places, it’s probably the simplest, most streamlined data repository out there and I’d highly encourage my colleagues to use it.”

Learn more about why you should deposit your data in the SMU Dataverse Repository:

Comply with Funding Requirements

Funding agencies increasingly require data archiving and sharing. The SMU Dataverse Repository helps you meet these mandates and provides valuable resources to help create data management plans and grant applications.

Reliable, Managed Access

The repository offers a secure and reliable way to collect and share your data. Managed by the Texas Digital Library team and powered by Dataverse software, its focus on long-term access and preservation ensures that your data remains accessible and usable.

Increase Your Scholarly Impact

Publishing your data gives your research a significant boost in terms of scholarly impact. Each dataset is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI makes it easy for others to cite your data accurately, enhancing the visibility and recognition of your research contributions.

Seamless Collaboration with Research Teams

The SMU Dataverse Repository fosters a collaborative and iterative research process. It allows you to share data selectively with specific colleagues when controlled access is necessary. It enables you to collaborate efficiently, version your data, and publish it when you and your team are ready.

Support from SMU Libraries

The Texas Digital Library offers technical support, and SMU Libraries offers support for data management issues and instruction for how to use the SMU Dataverse Repository. Learn more about publishing and archiving your datasets by contacting Sylvia Jones, our Texas Data Repository liaison, or email our team for help with your other research data needs.

To further promote the services the library offers around managing research data, and encourage members of the SMU community to explore using the SMU Dataverse Repository, SMU Libraries, in conjunction with the Moody Graduate School, will be offering a workshop on Research Data Management on Wednesday, March 6, 12:00–1:00 p.m.

This post was written in collaboration with Sylvia Jones, Research Librarian for Spatial and Data Literacy and the Assistant Project Director for the Initiative for Spatial Literacy. Sylvia is our expert in GIS and research data management and the research librarian for sciences and engineering.