What’s New at Bridwell Library? Fall 2023

Bridwell Library’s latest publications are now available online. We hope you will enjoy the Fall 2023 issues of The Bridwell Quarterly and The Bridwell Quill, a Note from the DirectorThis fall we’ve hosted World Methodist events, allowing us to share some of the treasures of Bridwell Library’s new long-term exhibition, The World Methodist Museum Collections and the Saint John’s Bible. We’ve hosted guest artists, taken students on an educational journey to St. John’s Abbey with the new MAST+ program, held a quaint reading of Charles Dickens’ ghostly tale, A Christmas Carol, and more. As we have enjoyed the fall months together, we have also mourned the loss of a colleague. On November 29, 2023, Perkins School of Theology faculty member Rev. Dr. Charles (Chuck) Aaron passed away unexpectedly. As we reflect on the past few months, we will continue to look forward to the future. We will carry with us, always, those who have worked to cultivate the inclusive, growth-oriented environment that defines our community.