2023 STAR Award

From left to right: Melissa Johnson, Sandy Miller, Muku Santhanakrishnan, Tracey Rinehart, Gayle Freeman-Staggs, and Justin Harrison standing in front of the Kitt Investing and Trading Center in the Business Library Announcing the Business Library‘s 2023 Super Teacher Advocating Research (STAR) Award winner is Muku Santhanakrishnan, Clinical Professor of Finance, and Associate Director of the MSF Program at Cox.

Muku engaged with the Business Library principally through the MSF program.  He was instrumental in advocating for students to utilize library resources even before they begin their classes via workshops designed specifically for the Master of Finance program.  This year, Muku recognized the need to pivot from the Bloomberg Basics workshops to one designed for FactSet.  Since a standalone workshop had not existed for this resource, Muku worked with Business Librarians to identify the elements that were important in addressing students’ needs with respect to proficiency on this business resource.  The result was a Business Library FactSet Fundamentals workshop that was successfully delivered to the incoming MSF students and will be a staple of workshop offerings in the Business Library during the regular semester.

Congratulations to Muku, for partnering with the library to guide student success!