“You’re in Ebby Halliday Country”

An award-winning advertising strategy played an important role in Ebby Halliday Realtors, Inc. decades long success. Weekly ads in the major newspapers: The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Herald and Fort Worth Star Telegram reached millions of potential clients and made the company’s brand a household name and generated millions in sales. 

The Ebby Halliday papers contain examples of these popular ad campaigns. The black and white, 1972 campaign by the Rominger Agency acknowledged the challenges faced by home buyers and highlighted the value of enlisting an Ebby Halliday broker who is at the leading edge of technological innovations, an industry expert, and experienced with local neighborhoods and the community. 

In 1984, Ebby attended the 10th anniversary of the Dallas advertising, marketing and public relations firm Dozier, Baca, Gallier & Hall, known as DBG&H. Ebby’s company engaged the firm in 1976, out of which a “profitable relationship” and four major campaigns were born: the company’s signature brand colors, gray and maroon and the ‘Ebby is your Friend’, ‘A Friend Close By’, and ‘We Entitle You to Celebrate’ ad campaigns. In her speech at the event, Ebby credited DBG&H with “bringing our company’s gross volume from $580 million to 1 billion in eight years.”

‘A Friend Close By” advertising campaign. Can you find Ebby in the ads?

Ebby received many letters from industry leaders congratulating her on this colorful and effective campaign. 

The company’s most enduring tagline and campaign was the ubiquitous “Up Ahead is Ebby Halliday Country”. The campaign began in the 1960s and versions of it were seen in print and on billboards across major highways in Dallas and North Texas, well into the 1990s.