Bridwell Edible Book Fest (BEBFest) 2023

3rd ANNUAL BEBFest (“Bridwell Edible Book Festival” Contest): Call For Entries!

Bridwell proudly announces its 3rd Annual Bridwell Edible Book Festival (BEBFest).

Last year’s BEBFest winners, the “Macbakers” present their Macbeth Cake.












How it works:

Contributors to the contest make “edible book or book-related objects” to share with the community.  Each person or group submitting an entry will take an image (up to three at different angles) of that entry and submit to Bridwell staff (see rules below) by a specific date and time.  If contributors wish to bring their actual, physical entries to show in person, we encourage you to do so.  This year, since the BEBFest contest will occur during our Codex Fest, you will bring your entries to the Codex Fest tent and table in the Perkins Quad on April 18, 19, and/or 20th. The last entry will be accepted at 2PM on April 20th. Voting will be done as last year, online, and contests’ submissions will be judged and tallied in the following weeks.  Announcements of the winners will be made by the end of the spring 2023 semester and contestants will be notified about the prizes.

The rules for the Edible Book Festival are as follows:

» Entries must have a book or library related theme and may have a short description accompanying them

» Entries are usually comical, clever, witty, or have double-meanings, but they don’t have to be

» Entries must be made of something edible, but do not have to be entirely edible (i.e. you can have props!)

» Contestants may be from anywhere within the entire SMU community

» Contestants may only submit one entry

» Group or team projects are welcome, one entry per group

» Submissions in the form of digital photograph will be sent to Michelle Ried in Bridwell at ( by THURSDAY, April 20th, 2023 at 2PM, but can be submitted earlier

» For those who wish to participate in the in-person event, it will be held in the BEBFest tent in the Perkins Quad on April 18th and 19th from 9AM–5PM and on April 20th from 9am-2pm. Once you’ve submitted your digital image of the edible book, edible book artists may offer their works up for community consumption or sampling

» All members of the SMU community are eligible to vote, whether or not you’ve submitted an entry

» Voting will be open on the Bridwell News Blog from Monday, April 24th through Friday, May 5th.

» Judges will be asked to vote on their top 3 picks and the winners will be announced by Friday, May 12th.

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