Visit the Business Library!

Map showing starting location as old business school location on Bishop Blvd, the flagpole, and our new location in Hamon in the Meadows School of the Arts.Remember that while Cox is undergoing its renovation, the Business Library, will be temporarily housed on the lower level of the Hamon Arts Library in the Meadows School of Art. The Kitt Investing & Trading Center is part of the Business Library relocation and we have maintained its ability to provide classes and library workshops. You can still study in the Kitt as well (in between classes and workshops, of course).

Though our space may be noticeably smaller, we have not lost our ability to provide outstanding service and resources to you. Business Librarians are on duty to assist you with research and information needs. If you have any questions, or just need help locating us, please reach out by visiting our website and choosing from a variety of ways to connect. We look forward to seeing you throughout the semester!