Business Library 2022 STAR Award Winner – Hilary McIlvain

2022 STAR Award Winner, Hilary McIvain, Business Library staff standing Hilary who is holding the awardThe Business Library would like to congratulate Hilary McIlvain as the recipient of the Business Library’s 2022 Super Teacher Advocating Research (STAR) Award. Hilary has been instrumental in advocating for students to utilize library resources to develop next level research and career management skills through engaging with the Business Library through the BLI class series. She has embraced Business Library and career management workshop sessions as a way for students to learn how to employ the Library’s company, industry, and market resources to boost their skills beyond the classroom. Hilary’s engagement has been critical in displaying this important career information to students at the beginning of their Cox experience and encouraging them to think wholistically about their career path.

Pictured from left to right: Heather Bell, Gayle Freeman-Staggs, Melissa Johnson, Hilary McIlvain, Tracey Rinehart, and Justin Harrison