New Exhibit in Hawn Gallery at Hamon Arts Library

New Exhibit at the Hawn Gallery in the Hamon Arts Library. On-n-On: Ciara Elle Brant in Conversation with Octavia E. Butler from September 1 through October 16

On-n-On: Ciara Elle Bryant in Conversation with Octavia E. Butler will place Bryant’s new media installation work in dialogue with Butler’s literary influence on contemporary art practices. The exhibition will showcase Hamon Arts Library holdings related to Octavia Butler’s writing alongside a mixed media installation by Dallas artist Ciara Elle Bryant pertaining to identity, bibliography, and virtuality. The exhibition will embrace the influence of Black speculative fiction on technology and futurity in contemporary art while also recognizing the ways in which artists may reinterpret or reinvent this legacy. The exhibition will take place in the Hawn Gallery in the Hamon Arts Library, leveraging the space’s connections to literature, art exhibition, and art education as well as its proximity to practicing artists.