Bridwell Edible Book Festival (BEBFest May 3, 2022)

Bridwell Edible Book Festival

— BEBFest 2022 —

Tuesday, May 3 • 1:30pm–3pm

Gill Hall, Bridwell Library



Thank you to all who participated & voted in this year’s BEBFest.

We are excited to announce the BEBFest 2022 winners!


1. MacBeth Cake by the “MacBakers”

2. Tell Tale Heart by Rachel Holmes

3. La (Fo)-Caccia di Diana by Aria Cabot

4. Queer Lessons by Michelle Ried


Congrats to all and thanks again for your participation.

Winners will soon be contacted with information about their prizes.



“The Tell-Tale Heart,” Edgar Allen Poe

Created by Rachel Holmes

“I then took up three planks from the flooring of the chamber, and deposited all between the scantlings”

“Villains!” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed! – tear up the planks! – here, here! – It is the beating of his hideous heart!”




“La (Fo-)Caccia di Diana” by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Created by Aria Cabot

A taste of Boccaccio’s first literary work, Diana’s Hunt, more salty than salacious, with more yeasts than beasts.




Macbeth Cake from Act 4, Scene 1

Created by the “Macbakers”

Caroline Roman, Simone Melvin, Kennedi Watts, and Sylvia Bloom (Senior English Majors at SMU)

We were inspired to make this cake when our Shakespeare professor (Dr. Dan Moss) sent us an email with the competition information. He knew we were bakers because we had brought cookies to class one day, haha! Macbeth is one of the tragedies we read in class that we are very partial to. Dr. Moss suggested we make following cake:

“I think [Caroline] and Simone should bake an edible book using all the ingredients of the Witches’ brew in the cauldron scene. Pretty sure the English Department has a supply of newt eyes, frog toes, Tartar’s lips and birth-strangled babes in the main office, if you can’t find those in grocery stores due to supply-chain issues. Just ask Matthew [Biggin].”

The cake is just that, with the famous “Double, double…” passage on the pages of the book. We made a fondant tongue, lips, nose, and intestines, to name a few.

There are now two iterations of the masterpiece of Macbeth in the world.




“Queer Lessons for Churches on the Straight & Narrow: What all Christians Can Learn from LGBTQ Lives” 

By Cody J. Sanders

Created by Michelle Ried 






Bridwell proudly announces its 2nd Annual Bridwell Edible Book Festival (BEBFest). In our first year we held an Edible Book Festival “test run” within Bridwell only and had our entries exclusively online (due to COVID safety issues), where staff shared their images in a Box folder. Because of its success, this year we are opening up the field to a larger crowd and welcome entries from the entire SMU community. We will continue with the online submissions and sharing; though, for those who wish to bring their edible books in person, Bridwell will host an event on May 3rd where entrants may share their edibles with others in a party format.  This will take place in Bridwell Library’s Gill Hall.

Below, entries from Bridwell’s first BEBFest: Anthony Elia’s Book of Genesis, “God created” (in Hebrew sounds like “brie cheese”), Arvid Nelsen’s Leaves of Grass, Jane Elder’s Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie, and Michelle Ried’s Dead Sea Scrolls made of Rugelach.



The rules for the Edible Book Festival are as follows: 

  • Entries must have a book or library related theme and may have a short description accompanying them 
  • Entries are usually comical, clever, witty, or have double-meanings, but they don’t have to be
  • Entries must be made of something edible, but do not have to be entirely edible (i.e. you can have props!)
  • Entrants may be from anywhere within the entire SMU community
  • Entrants may only submit one entry
  • Group or team projects are welcome, one entry per group
  • Submissions in the form of digital photograph will be sent to Michelle Ried in Bridwell at ( by Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 at 2PM, but can be submitted earlier
  • For those who wish to participate in the in-person event, it will be held in front of Bridwell—weather permitting—on May 3rd at 1:30-3PM.  After 2PM, and once you’ve submitted your digital image of the edible book, edible book artists may offer their works up for community consumption or sampling
  • All members of the SMU community are eligible to vote, whether or not you’ve submitted an entry  
  • A voting link will be available on the Bridwell News Blog from Tuesday, May 3rd at 4pm through Friday, May 5th at noon (Central Time).
  • Judges will be asked to vote on their top 3 picks and the winners will be announced at the end of the week.



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