The Community of Cinema – March 1 Film Events at SMU

Film screening room 3rd floor Hamon
New film screening room on Hamon Arts Library’s third floor waiting for attendees to arrive on March 1

Cinema is a natural community-forming medium, and next week, when the lights dim in Hamon Library’s new third-floor film screening room on March 1st, attendees will be treated to a unique and authentic cinematic experience, complete with the whirring sound of a 16mm film projector. The new room and projector are an extension of the G. William Jones Film & Video Collection, providing a space for screenings and film programing.

Hamon Arts Library, in partnership with the World Languages & Literature Department’s 7th Annual International Film Festival invite you to the following premier events on March 1, 2022.

3-4 pm: Film Vault Tour

Curators in the G. William Jones Film & Video Collection will conduct tours of the film vault, highlighting the 16mm and 35mm films in the collection, as well as the Gene Autry Films, WFAA, KRLD, and KERA collections of newsfilm.  Register here.

LOCATION: Meet in Hamon Arts Library lobby, first floor, for start of tour. 

4 – 4:45 pm:  International Film Festival Roundtable

Attend the International Film Festival Roundtable with the following panelists:

SMU Student panelists (directing/producing team of the upcoming SMU Summer Feature): Piper Hadley, Grace Maddox, Anna Butcher, and Kaytlyn Bunting.

Bart Weiss. Associate Professor of Film, University of Texas at Arlington. Award-winning filmmaker and director/founder of the Dallas VideoFest. VIRTUAL.

Alessandro Carrera, Ph.D., Director of Italian Studies and Graduate Director of World Cultures & Literatures at the University of Houston University of Houston. Author of Fellini’s Eternal Rome: Paganism and Christianity in the Films of Federico Fellini (Bloomsbury, 2019). VIRTUAL.

LOCATION: Hawn Conference Room, accessible from the Hamon Library lobby.  Refreshments provided.

5 pm: Screening of Fellini’s La Strada on 16mm

Celebrate the Grand Launch of the Hamon Library’s new 16mm screening room with a viewing of Fellini’s 1954 epic film, La Strada.

LOCATION: 3rd floor of the Hamon Arts Library.

The new screening room puts into practice Objective 4, Goal 4 of SMU Libraries’ Strategic Plan: “Design an intellectually stimulating campus environment through programming that builds community and expands discourse.”

One thought on “The Community of Cinema – March 1 Film Events at SMU

  1. Aren’t there going to be seats in the screening room?

    Should have theatre seats anchored to the floor like any other theatre. Pretty plain room for a theatre—no theatre decor?

    The projector should be inside of a booth so audience doesn’t hear the noise of the projector or feel the heat of the xenon lamp blower–both would be distracting from the movie shown.

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