Love Libraries? Get Involved!


Guest blogger Brynn Price, sophomore and SMU Libraries Advisory Board Member, answers questions about her SMU Libraries SAB experience:

Why serve as a leader on the SMU Libraries Student Advisory Board?

The Libraries are the heart of the University, and at the heart of the Libraries is the Student Advisory Board. I began to serve as a Board member the first semester of my first year at SMU, and, without the support of the extremely kind and caring librarians and other members, I know that my year would not have been the same. Even in a time of social distancing and isolation, the librarians worked (and still work) tirelessly to ensure that all Mustangs thrive and feel heard while in Dallas and beyond. If you are looking for an amazing way to get involved on campus alongside an unparalleled support group, look no further than serving in a leadership position on the Libraries Student Advisory Board.

What is it like being on the SMU Libraries Student Advisory Board?

Board members attend monthly check-in meetings with library staff to discuss anything that they want to see changed or implemented at the Libraries. For example, if you are having trouble finding helpful resources for class on the Libraries’ website, the meetings are the perfect place to share your experience with people who truly want to (and actually do) solve any problems that you encounter. The time commitment is small, and the work that the dedicated librarians do in response to meeting discussions is significant. The focus of the Board is truly on making campus life better for everyone, and everyone’s voice is heard.

What is the best part about serving?

Brynn Price standing in front of Dallas Hall
Brynn Price, SMU Libraries Student Advisory Board member

In my opinion, the best part of life on the Board is that I always have someone who cares to know how I’m doing. Even when attending a meeting to serve the Libraries, I am always told, “Let me know if I can do anything for you!” The librarians work hard to ensure that all students are happy and successful while spending time at the Hilltop—because of this, my time at SMU has been greatly impacted for the better. Find community in the heart of SMU’s campus by joining the Board today!

Thank you Brynn! Your and your fellow board member’s service on the SMU Libraries Student Advisory Board is big part of what makes our libraries great! 

Interested in becoming an SMU Libraries Student Advisory Board member? Contact Elizabeth Killingsworth, Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives and Director of Fondren Library.