Bridwell Library’s First Edible Book Festival

The International Edible Book Festival is an annual event that is usually held around the first of April. The event began in 2000 and is celebrated in several countries around the world. Typically, the edible books are photographed and then eaten.

Bridwell Library held its first Edible Book Festival on Monday, April 12, 2021. Library staff were invited to create edible versions of books and share photos of their work. The following creative and amusing entries were submitted this year.

Book of Genesis, “He created.”

Hebrew joke: the word for “(God) created” in Hebrew sounds a bit like “Brie cheese” in English.  Hence, the first word of the Bible is “(He) created” – or “Cheese” (my rendition). 

–Anthony Elia



‘Leaves’ of Grass 

A modified crepe layer cake with a fondant bookmark.

–Arvid Nelsen


“Murder on the Orient Express,” by Agatha Christie

Chocolate Chip Train Cake with a splattering of red sugar sprinkle blood…

–Jane Elder


Dead Sea Scrolls

The Book of Esther missing from the Dead Sea Scrolls has been found, and of course the scrolls are made of Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Rugelach!

–Michelle Ried

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