The unique circumstances of this semester can make it challenging for both students and instructors to stay consistently engaged in learning. The library is here to help. we are offering additional ways to bring librarian expertise to your classroom. The sessions below can serve as breaks in the day-to-day learning that can reinvigorate student’s engagement with learning while still offering meaningful development.

If you would like a librarian work with your class, feel free to submit an instruction request  or reach out to your subject librarian, Megan Heuer (, or Jonathan McMichael (

While these sessions are built for faculty to implement into their class schedule, we encourage students to make professors aware of this program if they feel it would enhance their learning.

Research Working Sessions:

In this type of session, students can conduct their own research while a librarian stands by ready to assist when necessary. This can help keep student on track with research and let them make more progress than they would on their own.

Exploration Sessions:

During an exploration session, students use library resources to research questions about course content. By discovering and evaluating their own information sources, students make their own connections and take ownership of their understanding of the course content. The session can be self-contained, low-stress learning that will bring content to life in a new way.

“How experts research” Sessions:

In these sessions, students will learn how expert researchers solve authentic information problems in a particular field. Rather than using sources to write a research paper, students can see how leaders and policy makers synthesize information from a variety of sources to develop and prioritize solutions, how a historian uses context to interpret primary sources, or how a scholar might use data processing software to deliver new insights.

Workshops on Demand:

SMU Libraries has developed a catalog of workshops on a variety of topics that can be repurposed for classroom learning.

Canvas Modules

Faculty now have access to 11 modules complete with reading comprehension quizzes developed by SMU Librarians, which include: Writing with Sources (for graduate or undergraduate students), Searching for Information Online, Reading a Scholarly Article, Evaluating News Media, and Citation. Search for “SMU Libraries” in the Canvas Commons to find and add them to your course.



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