We Are Here For You

Meet with an SMU Librarian for a personalized 1on1 consultation, via Zoom. We have a librarian for every subject at SMU. It’s not too late to get help, so book your consultation now. Remember, we have an expert for that!

Why Consult With an SMU Librarian?

  • You get individualized help on your specific topic
  • You save time finding the right materials
  • You learn how to use the materials you find
  • You can create a time management plan to finish your research or paper on time
  • You don’t have to navigate everything on your own
  • You make a connection with someone who wants to see you succeed

5 Easy Steps To Book a Consultation:

  1. Go to: www.smu.edu/askus
  2. Click the “Schedule Appointment” Button
  3. Select the subject that you need help with, from the drop down menu
  4. Click on “Schedule Appointment” next to the SMU Librarian you would like to meet with
  5. Follow the prompts to book and confirm your 1on1 virtual consultation


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