We Are Here For You

… if after all these weeks, you’d like to chat? Our Ask Us chat service is the quickest way to get your questions answered, and it’s easy!

SMU Librarians are on the other end, with help to keep you learning, teaching and succeeding. Follow these quick steps to get help:

  1. Go to: www.smu.edu/askus
  2. Click the “Chat” button (or any “ask us” icon)
  3. Fill out your name, email and question
  4. Click on “Start Chat”

Some, but not all, frequently asked chat questions:

  • How can I find an article?
  • I need help organizing my paper and time?
  • How do I create a bibliography?
  • I need help with MLA.
  • I need a book from your building. Help!
  • How can I become a Librarian?


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