Month: October 2019

Season of the Witch

With Halloween approaching, I went searching for the spookiest book I could find in the DeGolyer stacks.  We’ve got items on vampires, ghosts, and creatures that go bump in the night, and one work that claims to offer “full and plain evidence concerning witches.” Printed in 1681, Saducismus triumphatus, or, full and plain evidence concerning…Continue Reading Season of the Witch

Remembering Dan Wingren 

I met Dan Wingren in 1980. That’s when I began modeling for his and other classes at the Meadows School of the Arts. I was also attending a Dallas community college, knocking off prerequisites for some sort of humanities degree. In 1986, I realized I wanted to teach studio art. So I quit modeling and attended UTD, got a…Continue Reading Remembering Dan Wingren 

Jones Collection Summer 2019 Updates

In the Media     There was no summer break for the Jones Collection, as we continued our preservation efforts far below the Greer Garson Theatre. During these dog days of summer, keeping a cool 50 degrees in our temperature-controlled vault, we mined away into the deepest recesses of our archive and uncovered some truly…Continue Reading Jones Collection Summer 2019 Updates

SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: September 2019

In September 2019, SMU Libraries uploaded 563 items into SMU Libraries Digital Collections. Highlights include: 31 photographs and real photographic postcards, ca. 1910-1920, from the American Border Troops at the Mexican Revolution collection, featuring images of American soldiers in camps around Texas and Mexico. These photographs portray the life soldiers experienced while on base at…Continue Reading SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: September 2019