FREE: Material Horizon Workshop: Digital Negatives – May 3rd at 11 am

Digital Negatives
with Ross Faircloth, Artist & Ashley Whitt, Artist and Director of Visual Resources

Friday, May 3rd
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Darkroom, OFAC 2625

Using Adobe Photoshop, participants in this workshop will learn how to create digital negatives which will then be used to make silver gelatin prints in the darkroom.

Computers, software, and materials provided. No prior experience required.

Space limited, 10 participants  – Sign-up sheet located outside of the Darkroom, OFAC 2625

This workshop is presented in conjunction with the exhibition The Illusion of Being (on view until Sun, May 19th) in the Hawn Gallery and co-sponsored by the Hamon Arts Library. Lunch for participants will be provided courtesy of the Student Art Association

Thank you to Ashley Whitt, Ross Faircloth, Eileen Maxson, Senior Lecturer in Photography; Jonathan Garcia-Molina, Visiting Lecturer in Photography; and Mike Morris, Artist, for their collaboration and organization of this workshop.

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