Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are the focus of the 2018 Prism Panel

What is the Prism Panel?

The current focus on interdisciplinary research and teaching at SMU and universities around the world is producing a range of innovative approaches, which are now shaping curricula, research agendas, and policies. Objective One of Goal Three of the SMU Strategic Plan, 2016-2025, Launching SMU’s Second Century, is to:
-“Encourage widespread development of campus-wide interdisciplinary research projects and programs for graduate and undergraduate students and faculty” (page 15).

In 2017, the SMU Libraries launched an exciting new series, the Prism Panel, designed to foster interdisciplinary conversations on the SMU campus. We are excited to announce the 2018 Prism Panel, which is scheduled for October 23rd, 5-6:30pm, in the Texana Room. Featured panelists are:

Christopher Roos, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Dedman College

Zachary Wallmark, Assistant Professor of Musicology and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Meadows School of the Arts and Dedman College, with Benjamin Tabak, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dedman College

Jessie Marshall Zarazaga, Program Director of MA Sustainability and Development, Lyle School of Engineering, with Owen Lynch, Associate Professor of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Meadows School of the Arts

See the SMU Libraries website for full details of the event including descriptions of the presentation topics.

Why call it a “Prism” Panel?

A prism disperses clear light into wavelengths of many colors, much as disciplinary understandings may be understood in newly illuminating ways when viewed from other perspectives. Seeking to foster such interdisciplinary conversations, SMU Libraries brings scholars together who draw from different disciplines to enhance their research. This series, developed by SMU librarians, is fashioned after the TED Radio Hour on NPR. We love the idea of approaching one theme from various perspectives and by experts in various fields, and our version strives to facilitate interdisciplinary connections between faculty at SMU. We view a library as a space for ideas to formulate and grow: fostering knowledge-creation, communication and innovation.

The panel discussion includes 3-4 members of the faculty speaking for about 10 minutes each on an interdisciplinary collaboration of their choosing. We then open it up to Q&A and casual social interaction where attendees can make connections with members of other departments as well as with members of the audience. The series is meant to be casual and, we hope, fun!