Day: October 9, 2018

“I Was Born into a Red Land”

Everette Lee DeGolyer was born October 9, 1886, in a sod house near Greensburg, Kansas. He was the first-born child of John and Narcissa (Huddle) DeGolyer. The couple had married April 17, 1883, at Iuka, Marion County, Illinois. John DeGolyer was a native of Indiana, born at Napoleonville, January 26, 1859. Narcissa Huddle was born…Continue Reading “I Was Born into a Red Land”

Modern Masters Tapestries in Fondren

Blue Tapestry on brown wall

The Modern Masters Tapestries series, which hung in the DeGolyer Library Reading Room before Fondren’s completed renovation in 2016, is now on view in Fondren’s Collaborative Commons and other areas of the library.   A Bit of History about Tapestries During the Middle Ages through the Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), tapestries became commonplace in…Continue Reading Modern Masters Tapestries in Fondren