With the transition to the new library system and online catalog in June 2017, there will be some minor impacts to users.

The current library catalog offers the “My List” feature which allows users to store lists of book titles in their account. While the new library system will have similar features under the name of “Favorites,” we are unable to transfer the “My List” data. Users will not have access to the current “My List” feature and data after June 10, 2017.

We are asking any users to please print, export, or email lists as soon as possible if they wish to keep this information. Instructions are listed below. If users no longer wish to keep the data, no further action needs to be taken and the lists will be deleted during the transition.

We are emailing “My List users” directly to inform them of the change, but some may not have email addresses in system. Questions can be directed to any of the SMU Libraries desks or to askalibrarian.smu.edu.


How to Save Your SMU Library Catalog “My List”

1. Go to libcat.smu.edu

2. Select “My List” at the bottom of page.

3. Log in using your SMU ID or library card account

4. Click “Select All.” Then, choose Print, Export** (Exports to RefWorks or EndNote only), or Email.

** The Export option only exports 10 items at a time. Please double-check that all items have been exported.


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