How the News Got Made: Highlights from Dallas VideoFest 2016

On Saturday, October 22nd, SMU’s Central University Libraries co-sponsored an event with Dallas VideoFest, October 18-23, to highlight the WFAA collection, which is a CUL collection in the process of digitization by the G. William Jones Film and Video archive.

Here is the clip reel shown at that event. Highlights include rare clips of celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix, Omar Sharif and Elvis Presley, which do not exist outside of the archive.

[wpvideo qAzWVHBw]

After this clip reel ended, WFAA reporter Bret Shipp moderated a panel discussion with former WFAA employees (John Jenkins, Jim Green, and John Sparks) who spoke on the different aspects that went into the creation of our newsfilm collection. Former photographer John Jenkins has worked continuously in the Dallas news market since 1970 and was the cameraman for much of our early 1970s 16mm footage. Jim Green, who went on to work as an anchor in Austin and Lubbock, provided insight as a reporter for WFAA in the early ‘70s. John Sparks, news producer, told behind the scenes stories of the newsroom and how the film was handled from the time that it arrived at the station all the way through to the nightly broadcast.  Clips from the panel, which include the process of how the film went from the camera to air as well as how they feel news has changed over the last 40 years, can be found here.

[wpvideo sggxf4Zi]

The event was featured in the Dallas Observer and the clip reel was made available on Chanel 8’s website. The entire panel discussion with John Jenkins, Jim Green, and John Sparks can be viewed there.

Thank you to Jeremy Spracklen, Moving Image Curator, Hamon Arts Library, SMU, for these clips and this post.

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  1. Hi Jeremy : incredible find for the unseen 75 seconds of the Jimi Hendrix interview. Could you give us the name of the lucky reporter please ? Thanks. Best regards and stay groovy. Keep up the good work !

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