Ask An Archivist Day

Every wonder what archivists do? Do you have questions about rare items in our collections? Well here is your opportunity to ask all the questions! October 5th is Ask An Archivist Day. Archivists around the United States will be on Twitter to respond to all your questions.

Central University Libraries Archivists Joan Gosnell (University Archives), Emily George Grubbs (Bywaters Special Collections), and James Williamson (Norwick Center for Digital Services) will be on hand to answer your questions on Twitter. Here is your chance to ask us anything. If you just want to know what archives are and the things we do in our day to day job, ask us for advice on how to preserve your important items, or learn about some of the interesting material we have worked with, all you have to do is just tag us on Twitter.

How to participate:

To participate in the national conversation, tag your question with the hashtag #AskAnArchivist. If you want your question answered by someone at SMU, just tag one of our archivist along with the hashtag.

Got questions about SMU history ? Tag Joan Gosnell (@joanofgos)

Joan Gosnell


Got questions about art and performing arts material? Tag Emily George Grubbs (@emuemuemily)

Emily George Grubbs


Got questions about digital material? Tag James Williamson (@metalarchivist)

James Williamson


Or tag one of the three if you just have questions about archives in general.

We hope to hear from you on October 5th!

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