Hamon staff appointment to Dallas Historical Society Board

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Sam Ratcliffe, Head of Bywaters Special Collections, who was recently appointed to the board of trustees of the Dallas Historical Society. A long-standing non-profit organization, since 1922, the Society has, according to its mission, sought to collect, preserve, and exhibit collections relevant to the heritage of the city. Dr. Ratcliffe brings his more than twenty years of experience overseeing the Special Collections at Hamon, and knowledge of Texas art and history – subjects in which he has frequently published and presented – to the board.

Speaking of this appointment, Ratcliffe said:

On May 31, I had the honor of being installed as a member of the board of trustees of the Dallas Historical Society.  As a native Dallasite, I recall school field trips to the Hall of State (headquarters of the DHS), poring over historical dioramas in the display cases and, of course, being awestruck by the murals depicting Texas history on the walls of the Great Hall and the G.B. Dealey Library.  Little did I suspect that, many years later, I would do research on and meet some of the artists involved in the execution of those murals and work on projects with curators of DHS collections.  And, of course, I never imagined that I actually would be part of the governing body of the Society.

Thank you to Dr. Sam Ratcliffe, Bywaters Special Collections, for your contribution to this post!

Featured image: Tennant and Tejas Warrior, Bywaters Special Collections, Hamon Arts Library, SMU.

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  1. Being Sam’s sibling, I can speak from first-hand experience regarding his deep respect and extensive knowledge of Dallas history. I’m sure he’ll be a great team member in preserving landmarks and artifacts so that future generations can understand more about the city.

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