The late Omar Sharif’s time in Dallas

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, who died July 10th, was best known for his roles in films such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Funny Girl,” and “Doctor Zhivago.” But Sharif also made a name for himself in Dallas as a bridge player over the last half of the 20th century, joining his group the Omar Sharif Bridge Circus with the Dallas Aces in 1970 for a bridge tournament.

Hamon staff discovered archived press releases announcing Sharif’s four-day stay in Dallas in June 1989, which not only included a bridge tournament, but also Sharif’s attendance at a screening of “Funny Girl” sponsored by the Southwest Film and Video Archives (now known as Hamon’s Jones Film and Video Collection).

Here are the full press releases:

omar sharif archival docs2omar sharif archival docs3

omar sharif archival docs1

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