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SMU physicists take a break on Mt. Blanc to refresh their creativity. From left to right: Prof. Ryszard Stroynowski, Andrew Turvey, Jeff Hetherly, and Prof. Stephen Sekula.This weekend, a few of us took a break from summer lectures, physics analysis, and meetings (oh, the endless meetings!), and had an outing to Mount Blanc. Towering above the Chamonix Valley, this imposing mountain has some interesting physics history attached to it. It has been home to cosmic ray experiments, and is the graveyard of the famous physicist Homi Bhabha (killed along with about 300 other people when an Air India flight slammed into the  Bossons Glacier in the 1960s).

In this photo, we are standing on a platform at an elevation of 3842m above sea level, or just over 2 miles into the sky. The summit of Mt. Blanc is still higher (in the background of the photo), a further 1000m above us.

It’s important to take breaks and refresh your creativity. We at CERN are extremely lucky to have such beauty, majesty, and natural history so close by.

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