Live Blogging: Release of ATLAS and CMS Higgs Searches with 2011 and 2012 LHC Data

This is the stub for the live blogging of the CERN Seminar on ATLAS and CMS Higgs search results. SMU post-doctoral scholar Aidan Randle-Conde and I intend to wake up very early on the morning of Jul 4 in order to get to CERN and try to get a seat in the main CERN auditorium. Aidan will also be live-blogging the results at his Quantum Diary Blog,

The public webcast of the seminars will be here:

After the seminar, a few of us will sit together and do a “post-seminar” analysis of the results, explaining what we heard and saw and what it means. When that is done and posted on the internet, it will be made available here.

The live blog posts will likely begin appearing below between 11:00-11:30 pm US Central Time on July 3 (corresponding to 06:00-06:30 am July 4th, Central European Time).

Live blogging messages appear below (reload webpage periodically to get updates):


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15 Responses to Live Blogging: Release of ATLAS and CMS Higgs Searches with 2011 and 2012 LHC Data

  1. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    I am here at ICHEP (International Conference on High Energy Physics) in Melbourne, Australia. It is the premiere conference for high energy physics. I have been watching physicists from all over the world check-in to the hotel this morning. In just 1 hour registration for the conference begins. There will be a live 2-way broadcast from CERN to ICHEP of the event in less than 2 hours.

    • Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

      Check-in for ICHEP complete. The line was very long. I was next to a group of theorists in line. Everyone is speculating at what will be announced.

  2. Matthew Feickert says:

    I must admit, Professors Sekula, I’m jealous of both of you. I would trade watching with pizza and beverages in Illinois for the chance to see the results from CMS and ATLAS in real time at CERN, or to be at ICHEP, in a heart beat!

    • Stephen Sekula says:

      To be fair, when I originally planned out my summer trip to CERN I was expecting all the action to be in Melbourne. This is quite a treat!

  3. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    Here at ICHEP we are still waiting for the doors to open. Many people still in line for registration and several people milling about the auditorium entrance.

  4. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    Steve and Aiden, I see your heads and your computer screens!

  5. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    We are now being told that there will be two 45 minute talks followed by a 30 minute question period.

  6. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    As they pan the crowd at CERN, the student with the “Ciao Mama” sign on his laptop got a huge laugh from the audience at ICHEP. We have sound and 5 minutes to go!

  7. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    And the talks are about to begin!

  8. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    At ICHEP applause breaks out for announcement of 5 sigma combined result of 2photon and ZZ analyses from CMS.

  9. Wade Rackley says:

    It sounds like he is dancing about, not really able to announce official discovery, like they got reaaaaaaally close but did not make it in time for the press conference. Could there have been a snag at the last moment, a possibility that they will NOT announce discovery, or is this announcement a definite lock? I am lost in all the jargon, but hanging on doggedly. I am reading the English around all the terms and his body language.



  10. Wade Rackley says:

    Okay. 5 sigma for sure. G0t it.

  11. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    And CMS concludes with the discovery of a boson at the 4.9 confidence level when all channels are combined! Applause breaks out from ICHEP.

  12. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    From ICHEP — applause breaks out Atlas also sees a combined excess of 5 sigma in the 2photon, 4 leptons.

  13. Jodi Cooley-Sekula says:

    Post announcement comments: Following the talk there was a reception at ICHEP, complete with champagne. There was talk of where we go next with this result. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard over the years on this achievement.

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