Different perspectives on this week’s Higgs results seminars

A candidate Higgs decay to four leptons (two electrons, two muons) from the publication on the 2011 data sample.

This is going to be a BUSY week for particles physics news. Here is some information to help you follow along with the multiple Fermilab and CERN Higgs search seminars this week.

  1. Fermilab will release their Higgs search results using the full CDF and DZero data samples on Monday, July 2. The seminar will be available in a live broadcast here, http://vms-db-srv.fnal.gov/fmi/xsl/VMS_Site_2/000Return/video/r_live.xsl. We will try to live-blog the event on this blog.
  2. The CERN results (see below) will be live-blogged by many people, including Prof. Jodi Cooley, SMU post-doctoral scholar Aidan Randle-Conde, and me.  See below for links to live-blogging information from these SMU folks. In addition, Seth Zenz (a post-doctoral scholar from Princeton University) will live-tweet the event from the perspective of a CMS Experiment expert.

While there is no guarantee that those of us at CERN will get a seat in the main auditorium or a spill-over room, we will do our best to make it happen.

Here are links to different places to find information on the day of the event, and a link to Aidan’s video previewing his activity on July 4th.

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