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A Surge of Seminars; Spying Mount Higgs?

One of my colleagues jokingly referred to July 4 as “Higgsdependence Day.” Of course, the Americans in my circle of colleagues find it both fun and frustrating that the big CERN seminar (announcing the state of ATLAS and CMS searches … Continue reading

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From CERN TV: “Are we there yet on the search for the Higgs boson?” CERN TV touches on the current rumors running around about the seminar on July 4, and contrasts that with the more careful and deliberate research of the physicists.

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CERN Seminar on ATLAS and CMS Results to “Raise the Curtain” for ICHEP

It is official: CERN has just announced that on July 4, 2012, at 09:00 CEST (02:00 US Central), there will be a seminar to “raise the curtain” on the results that ATLAS and CMS will show at the International Conference … Continue reading

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The Summer of LHC

This summer has the potential to be among the most exciting in particle physics in quite some time. Why? Recall that last December, the ATLAS and CMS Experiments both unveiled their results in the search for the Higgs Boson [1]. … Continue reading

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Operating the Giant

It’s summer, and time to be at CERN as much as possible! To fight the effects of jet lag, I did a little work-related traveling from CERN to Uppsala, Sweden (see [1]) and now I am training for and then … Continue reading

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