*Note: The following information does not apply to JALC Submissions.



Submission Method

To increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of our article review process, SMU Law Review strongly prefers electronic submissions via Scholastica.

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Submissions via ExpressO can be made here.

Submit to SMU Law Review



Beginning November 1, 2006, the SMU Law Review will no longer accept submissions sent via e-mail.
While submissions via Scholastica are strongly preferred, the SMU Law Review will continue to accept paper submissions. Manuscripts should be mailed to:

SMU Law Review
Underwood Law Library
6550 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite 105
Dallas, Texas  75205

Authors will generally be notified of decisions via email.

Expedited Review

We will do our best to accommodate expedite requests during the academic year. Requests should be sent to smueic@smu.edu with the words “Expedite Request” appearing in the subject heading. In addition, please provide the title of any other publication currently making a publication offer along with the respective decision deadline.  TheSMU Law Review does not perform expedited reviews during the summer.


The SMU Law Review welcomes article submissions from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks, but does not accept submissions from current law students. We publish four times each year and typically accept unsolicited submissions for the spring, fall, and winter issues.


Times 11 or larger font is required for all submissions. Additionally, submissions must contain footnote citations which conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Articles containing endnotes rather than footnotes will not be considered for publication.

In addition, all submissions should include (1) a cover letter containing the author’s contact information and the title of the manuscript; (2) a resume or curriculum vitae for the author; (3) a brief abstract (under 250 words) on a separate page, and (4) a copy of the manuscript.

The SMU Law Review has no minimum or maximum page requirements for submissions, though brevity is valued.


Questions regarding submissions policies should be directed to smueic@smu.edu.