Sport Management Alums and Intern living the dream with Texas Rangers

SMU Simmons is proud of our Sport Management alums and intern who are working for the Texas Rangers organization at this momentous time in the franchise’s history! Congratulations to the following who were/are a part of the nationally ranked Sport Management Program in the Applied Physiology & Sport Management Department in Simmons School of Education & Human Development.

These Mustangs are working in various areas of the Rangers organization from corporate partnerships, new business development, media and integrated marketing, account executives in sales, and our intern who works wherever they need him. Enjoy the ride!

Matt Nichols- MS grad
Laci Taylor- MS grad
Sydney Teske- MS grad
Louie Deckas- current SM in BS
Sam Gunning – BS alum
Kent Yamamoto- BS alum
Abby Casillas- BS alum
Parker Johnson- MS alum

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