SMU/Simmons and TCU offer Ph.D. Student Conference on the Doctoral Journey

Dean-Knight-and-Dean-Petrosino and PhD StudentsMarc Sager, PhD candidate at SMU/Simmons, and Leslie Epke, PhD candidate at TCU, developed a 1-day conference (Sept. 30) in which their respective Schools’ PhD students explored the demands and pleasures of the doctoral journey. Presentations included developing a research agenda, presenting and publishing, the faulty search process, stress management, and community involvement in research. Speakers and presenters from Simmons included Dean Knight, Marc Sager, Damion Davis, and Elizabeth Adams.

Session Speaker Topic Description
Welcome Dean Knight (SMU) and Dean Hernandez (TCU)
Session 1 Dr. Taryn Ozuna Allen (TCU) Developing a Research Agenda as an Emerging Scholar Creating a research agenda, regardless of theoretical interests, methodological preferences, or career goals.
Session 2 Marc Sager (SMU) Publishing and Presenting at Conferences The processes of presenting at conferences and publishing.
Session 3 Dr. Pablo Montes (TCU) On the Market: Life Outside of Graduate School Becoming a professor:  job search strategies and making yourself marketable.
Session 4 Leslie Epke (TCU) Journal Session Reflect and process what was covered at the conference.
Session 5 Dr. Damion Davis (SMU) Mental Health Practices for Graduate Students A counseling professional discusses stress management skills
Session 6 Dr. Elizabeth Adams (SMU) Community Involvement: Bringing Theory to Practice Learn about the West Dallas STEM School RPP and how research is bridged into practice.
Closing Dean Knight (SMU) and Dean Hernandez (TCU)

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