Hernandez Trains Galapagos Principals for Education Initiative

Dr. Frank Hernandez, Annette and Harold Simmons Centennial Chair, worked with principals and assistant principals on leadership development in the Galapagos Islands, June 24-28.

He serves as lead instructor for the educational leadership component that is part of Education for Sustainability in Galapagos Program.

The program, a five-year initiative, is implemented through a partnership between the Galapagos Conservancy (a US non-profit conservation organization authorized to operate in Ecuador), the Fundación Scalesia (an Ecuadorian education NGO based in Galapagos) and Ecuador’s Ministry of Education.

Hernandez was based on the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, and his focus was to shadow participants throughout the day and provide coaching sessions with them at the end of the day. School leaders are expected to analyze situations for decision-making, communicate effectively with all members of the school community, manage conflict, lead and guide staff, work as part of a team, reflect on their own practice and incorporate feedback from others, and negotiate agreements.

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