Dispute Resolution Gains Recognition for Program and Faculty

Tom Hartsell

The Dallas Better Business Bureau recently won the Outstanding BBB Award for Conciliation and Arbitration, and credits support received from the Dispute Resolution program at SMU-in-Plano. Clinical Associate Professor Tom Hartsell began the training for the BBB, and continues to identify DR graduates who can serve as arbitrators for the Bureau’s arbitration forum.

“It obviously has worked out well for both the BBB and our DR program and more importantly for our DR graduates interested in getting experience arbitrating commercial cases,”says Hartsell.


POTTER 011 medium 300dpi file
John Potter

A lifetime achievement award was given to John Potter, O.D., Clinical Assistant Professor in Dispute Resolution, for his contributions to the optometry field. The Pioneer Award credits him with providing advanced medical training in optometric medicine with a focus on patient care, dispute resolution and conflict resolution.  “Because of John’s sound clinical teaching, many of us are simply better doctors,” said Randall Thomas and Ron Melton, former colleagues. Potter remains a member of the Primary Care Optometry News Editorial Board, and an active practitioner in dispute resolution and conflict management. Read more.

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