Texas Graduate Liberal Studies Symposium

What happens when two intellectual powerhouses like SMU Simmons and Rice University join forces? The  answer is the Texas Graduate Liberal Studies Symposium featuring outstanding papers authored by impressive professors and graduate students from SMU, Rice, TCU, UT Dallas and many more.

You might ask why it’s important to hold an annual Liberal Studies symposium in Texas. The answer is because the meaningful exchange of ideas through the written and spoken word can open minds and broaden horizons at a time when we, perhaps more than ever before, need more understanding and engagement in our world. The symposium provides an opportunity for students and alumni from Texas graduate liberal studies programs to share their experiences and studies and continue to explore timeless and timely human questions within the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

All are invited to hear and learn from the research papers and creative works that will be presented during the day-long conference. Titles such as  Understanding and Addressing America’s Wealth Gap, I Can Be Your Fairy, Baby: A Proposal for (Re)writing the Veteran’s Journey through Fairytale-style Narratives, Unconscious Prejudice, and Avoiding Social Invisibility: The Impact of Illustrations on Resources to Teach Human Rights to Indigenous Peoples are sure to prompt thought provoking discussions.

If you want to be part of the day-long symposium you need to register at https://bit.ly/3q1jz13 where you can also view the schedule, list of presenters and topics.




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