Simmons Faculty and Students to present six papers at ISLS Conference

Congratulations to Dr. Candace Walkington and the team of SMU Simmons faculty and students who have 6 papers accepted at The International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) conference which will take place in Buffalo, New York, on June 10-14, 2024.

Simmons is proud of Dr. Walkington, along with other faculty members Drs. Anthony Cuevas, Anthony Petrosino, Kelsey Schenck, Prajakt Pande, post-doc researchers Drs. LeaAnne Daughrity, and Max Sherard, as well as Simmons Ph.D. students Saki Milton, Marc Sager, Julianna Washington, and Theodora Beauchamp.

The following are the references of the accepted papers:

  1. Sager, M., Sherard, M., Milton, S., Walkington, C., & Petrosino, A. Learning math through a game-based personal excursion.
  2. Schenck, K., Kim, D., Xia, F., Swart, M., Walkington, C., & Nathan, M.J. Exploring Interactive Technology for Supporting Embodied Geometric Reasoning.
  3. Daughrity, L., Walkington, C., Sherard, M., Pande, P., Beauchamp, T., & Cuevas, A. From Abstract to Tangible: Leveraging Virtual Reality and GeoGebra for Playful Math Education.
  4. Sherard, M., Walkington, C., Daughrity, L., Pande, P., Beauchamp, T., Petrosino, A., & Cuevas, A. Pedagogical Issues in Virtual Reality Mathematics Education.
  5. Milton, S., Sager, M., & Walkington, C. Exploring STEM Identity and Belonging in Minoritized Girls at a Summer Camp.
  6. Washington, J., Darwin, T., Beauchamp, T., & Walkington, C. A Qualitative Comparison of Mathematics Teachers’ and Students’ Experiences in a Virtual Reality Algebra Application.


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