Pavlakis Contributes Insights on Uprooted Students in Public Radio Documentary

Alexandra Pavlakis, assistant professor in Education Policy and Leadership, researches the effects of homelessness on students, so when APM Reports decided to do a documentary on children who get uprooted from schools repeatedly, Pavlakis was consulted.

Her insights on the increasing population of homeless students are featured in “Students on the Move: Keeping uprooted kids in school.” The documentary was distributed to 300 public radio stations, including KERA 90.1 in North Texas. The station aired the documentary August 18, 2019.

APM Reports provides the audio story and the transcript.

The Atlantic Features Gándara’s Expertise in Article on U of Alaska Cuts

Assistant Professor Denisa Gándara in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership was interviewed by The Atlantic on state funding cuts to the University of Alaska system. Initially, the governor asked the university for $130 million in cuts, then negotiated $70 million over three years.

Gándara points out that both the state and the university have been relying heavily on revenues from the oil market, and not moving away from that dependence. The university should be emphasizing its role in educating students for non-oil dependent jobs, she says. Read more of her observations on the consequences of these cuts.


Walkington Offers Tips on Making Math More Meaningful

Dr. Candace Walkington

Candace Walkington, associate professor in Teaching and Learning, conducts research on how students can learn mathematics when the subject is connected to their interests outside the classroom.

Writing for, Walkington gives examples of how to teach the abstract concepts of math by appealing to students’ career aspirations, physical movements, their surroundings and community, the creation of math problems, and other activities.

Walkington recently received the Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering from the White House. Read more about her work here.


Hernandez Trains Galapagos Principals for Education Initiative

Dr. Frank Hernandez, Annette and Harold Simmons Centennial Chair, worked with principals and assistant principals on leadership development in the Galapagos Islands, June 24-28.

He serves as lead instructor for the educational leadership component that is part of Education for Sustainability in Galapagos Program.

The program, a five-year initiative, is implemented through a partnership between the Galapagos Conservancy (a US non-profit conservation organization authorized to operate in Ecuador), the Fundación Scalesia (an Ecuadorian education NGO based in Galapagos) and Ecuador’s Ministry of Education.

Hernandez was based on the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, and his focus was to shadow participants throughout the day and provide coaching sessions with them at the end of the day. School leaders are expected to analyze situations for decision-making, communicate effectively with all members of the school community, manage conflict, lead and guide staff, work as part of a team, reflect on their own practice and incorporate feedback from others, and negotiate agreements.