Closing the Teacher Gap


Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO, Teach for America


Dean David J. Chard, SMU Simmons









In an essay for U.S. News and World Report, Simmons’ Dean David Chard and Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO, Teach for America, offer ideas to make the teaching profession a viable option for younger generations. More needs to happen with compensation, professional support and flexibility. Read the article here.

Sarah Feuerbacher Advises Prosper HS Students About Anxiety and Depression

Sarah FeuerbacherSarah Feuerbacher, director of Simmons’ Center for Family Counseling at SMU-in-Plano, was asked by broadcast journalism students in Prosper High School to talk to them about how teens struggle with anxiety and depression. The students say they face a lot of pressure to succeed.

In this story from KERA 90.1, Feuerbacher and the teens get a chance to talk about the importance of knowing what can happen and how to get help.

Feuerbacher’s former student in the Master of Counseling program, Brian Kennedy, is the journalism teacher at Prosper High School.

Analyzing Language of Climate Change in Sixth Grade Science Textbooks

RomanD Assistant Professor Diego Román examines how climate change is framed in sixth grade science textbooks. He and co-author K.C. Busch from Stanford University conclude that the language used leads to doubts about the scientific occurrence.

Political and public discourse pertaining to climate change goes beyond the impact of scientific discourse, they observe, and there are implications for science education.

To read the abstract and access the paper published in Environmental Education Research, click here.