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Normal Reimbursement Instructions

1. All forms and documents are located in the black plastic drawers outside the SBA office.

2. Use the SMU Tax-Exemption form to make your purchase (located in the Step 1 Box of the SBA Office and attached to this emai). * Note: Taxes will not be reimbursed.

3. Before you submit your very first reimbursement request, fill out a W-9 form (located in Step 2 Box outside of the SBA office). 

4. Next, fill out the carbon copy reimbursement form EXACTLY like the sample form (located in Step 3 Box outside of the SBA office).

5. Tape ITEMIZED receipt(s) to a blank white sheet of paper and paper clip it to the reimbursement form.

— Alcohol cannot be reimbursed.
— Receipts with alcohol cannot be reimbursed. Get your invoices/receipts split into alcoholic
and non-alcoholic, and only submit the non-alcoholic one.

6. If you want more funds, please review the “Budget Request” tab to the right.