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Prather Anne Hargrove wins Extra Yard for Teachers Dr. Pepper Go Teach Award

Prather Anne Hargrove, a senior member of the SMU Women’s Swimming and Diving team, received the prestigious award for the Extra Yard for Teachers Tuition Giveaway given by the American Athletic Conference (AAC). Prather Anne is the first recipient of SMU to receive this award. She brought in the grand prize of a scholarship worth $12,500.  The first $2,500 was earned from SMU’s nomination and the additional $10,000 comes as a as a result of being chosen as the AAC’s overall winner. 

The College Football Playoff Foundation and Dr. Pepper Award Tuition Assistance is given to deserving education majors. Over 260 student-athletes across the country have received tuition support through the program since its founding in 2020.  

Prather Anne is studying Educational Studies and Psychology at SMU and will graduate in Spring 2024. “I am so blessed to have received this award and scholarship,” Hargrove said. “I look forward to serving children with special needs and their families upon my graduation.”

Dr. Emily Cobb, one of Prather Anne’s nominees for this award, had this to say, ““(Prather’s) tenacity and eagerness to learn, and teach others, is why she would make a natural educator”. 

Katie Evans, her academic counselor, at the Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) stated, “Prather Anne is an inspiration! Her dedication to academics and her passion for education make her a true role model for young students and athletes everywhere.” 

To learn more about the Dr. Pepper Scholarship and how to apply; please visit their site: